A website dedicated to providing resources and documentation relating to the notorious Art Wars NFT project.


Below are some resources that provide analytical and informational insights into the project.

Useful tool for analyzing all past and present Art Wars NFT blackchain transactions. View the most recent sales, top project holders, and more.

Project dedicated to the documentation, from beginning to end, of the entire Art Wars NFT project and the impact and significance on everyone involved.

Direct link to the image storage used for the Art Wars NFT project. Simply change the number in the URL to view a specific Art Wars NFT's metadata.


Below are some active marketplaces that still allow the listing, selling, and buying of the project tokens.


Below are some articles that offer insight into how the project unfolded.


Artists Cry Foul Over Sold Out NFT Drop of Stormtrooper Images

Dec 10, 2021

The Art Wars Collection, a series of NFTs depicting painted Stormtrooper helmets from the Star Wars franchise, has come under fire for launching without the consent of the artists who created the original works.

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Curator Accused of Making NFTs of Works by Anish Kapoor and Others Without Permission

Nov 23, 2021

Back in 2013, Moore worked with Kapoor, Damien Hirst, David Bailey and others for a charity project called Art Wars, for which artists applied their signature styles to Stormtrooper helmets.

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The National

Leading UK artists angry after works sold as NFTs without consent

Nov 23, 2021

Some of Britain's best-known artists are angry after their works were sold as non-fungible tokens without their consent or knowledge.

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A Curator Allegedly Minted Unauthorized NFTs. Now, He May Get Slapped With Lawsuits

Nov 23, 2021

A dozen artists are said to be considering legal action. Will artists go to war with Art Wars over unauthorized NFT sales?

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